Blur - "Song 2"

“Song 2” is also known as “Whoo-Hooo”.

With loud guitars and cryptic lyrics, Blur wrote the song to make fun of grunge music that was big in America at the time. The band recorded it in about 30 minutes, and the band tried to add more production to the recorded version and finish it off, but without success. They saw this as a learning experience. Alex James (bass) says it was “The realization you don't have to polish everything. Sometimes the thing you do first of all is when you mean it”.

At one point, Blur weren't sure if this was even a contender to be included on the album, thinking it too short. However, their US record company loved it. It ended up being Blur's biggest hit… in the US.

It is the second track on the CD, the second single from the album, it hit #2 in the UK, and it is 2 minutes long.
Available on the album "Blur"