Coldplay - "A message"

Chris Martin (vocals) : "My favorite song, it's the simplest. It arrived with 10 days of recording left so it was very exciting to do. It took a day and a half to record".
A couple of weeks before, Martin had handed copies of the unfinished album to several of his close friends (including Ash singer Tim Wheeler) and, after listening to it, they all came back with the same analysis : this album is going to be great, but it's missing something : a simple song.
That's how "A message" came about soon after. Martin was at home, at two in the morning, talking about the album with his partner Gwyneth Paltrow, and she suggested he try to write that other song. Martin lost his temper but then decided he was going to do it. Martin : "I went downstairs and sat with the guitar, and in five minutes it came. It was the first song I've ever written with no clothes on".
[Lets' hope it'll be worth it !]
Available on the forthcoming album "X & Y"