Supergrass - "Eon"

"Eon" is a song from Supergrass' 3rd album (self titled but also known as "the X-ray album" due to its cover). It's a song in the vein of the 2nd album, with a repeated descending sustained twin sequence of guitar notes, gradually building in intensity.

Gaz Coombes (vocals & guitars) : "It's an old demo I had a long time ago, these two sections of music. It's a piece of music rather than a song with a chorus. It's pretty similar to the original demo, but we all wrote the vocals and lyrics". Indeed, there is not just one songwriter in the band : "We all write songs, all four of us, so a lot of songs come together like that".

As for the enigmatic title, Gaz explains : "It was called 'Eno' for a few months but it's not exactly an ode to Brian Eno, so we changed it"...

Available on "the X-ray album"