Placebo - "Pure morning"

"Without You I'm Nothing" (Placebo's second album) was co-produced by Steve Osbourne, previously mixer for Happy Mondays and U2. Brian Molko (vocals and guitars) : "We wanted someone who had one foot in the dance camp, to texture our music in a slightly more modern way. Because, as most of our songs were written at soundchecks, the basic recording is quite straightforward, but there's also a lot of trickery involved".

The exception to the Osbourne-produced sessions is the song "Pure Morning", which grew from a spate of cutting new b-sides with Phil Vinall at London's Livingstone Studios when Placebo unwisely believed the album was dusted. Molko : "Pure morning didn't even exist before we went into the studio one morning. We worked up a loop - it came out of nowhere, really - and before the end of the day we had a song. I immediately thought it should be the first single". And it was indeed.

Available on the album "Without You I'm Nothing"