The Smiths - "Some girls are bigger than others"

The curious fade in/out at the start of the song was apparently not made on purpose.
Indeed, engineers and producers often "spoil" mixes they send to record companies so they cannot be used. The most common way of doing this is by whacking the faders down to just below half (to throw to haywire the noise reduction systems) within the first 30 seconds - just as in this song. It means the client (in other words the record company) gets a good idea of the mix but also something totally unreleasable. Normally this is done to ensure payment for a track. The guess is that production on all aspects of the album was so behind schedule, and Rough Trade (The Smiths' record company) were in such a hurry to get it out, they didn't bother to check the master too thoroughly.
Available on the album "The Queen is Dead"