Weezer - "Hash pipe"

"Hash pipe" was Weezer's first release in many years and the first single on the album that brought the light back on Rivers Cumo's band.

After the lack of success of "Pinkerton" (Weezer's 2nd album), Rivers Cuomo (vocals) moved back to Los Angeles, and painted his new appartment in black. He decided to write a song per day, with the lyrics being the last part and especially being impersonal. Cuomo spent most of his time at home, experimenting new (and rather bizarre) songwriting techniques". Cuomo : "Everyday, I set my alarm at 6 in the morning, and took Ritaline [= medecine] and a shot of tequila". "Hash pipe" was written one morning, a couple of minutes after this ritual, with Cuomo sitting alone in the courtyard with his guitar.

MTV wanted Weezer to change the title to "Half Pipe" for the video so they could appeal to the skateboard crowd and avoid the drug reference. Weezer... refused.

Available on what is known as "The Green Album"