Lamb - "Open up" & "Hearts and flowers"

Lamb is a trip hop duo composed of Louise Rhodes (vocals) and Andy Barlow (everything else, basically). The two songs are a good example of compromise.

Rhodes doesn't really appreciate "Open up".
Rhodes : "My least favourite track on the album. Andy campaigned for it to be included. He likes the "round-the-campfire" vibe in the middle section. But it just doesn't move me".
Barlow : "I think it's got this real "round-the-campfire-bottle-of-red-wine-inside-you" jigginess about it. The track was originally created for "What Sound" [Lamb's third album] but never made it so I had it floating round on my iPod for ages".

As for the other song, "Hearts and flowers", it's just about... the opposite !
Rhodes : "I love the space and stillness of this song. It reminds me of "Feela" on our [self titled] first album and it felt like a lovely closing track".
Barlow : "It's my least favourite tune on the album. It feels like it's been botched together and just doesn't do anything for me. We wrote it in Barcelona and it was the only thing that stayed around after a week of writing. I had this idea that Barcelona would be brilliant for creativity. We stayed in this gorgeous million pound apartment in one of the cultural capitals of the world and it just didn't click".

Both songs available on the album "Between Darkness and Wonder"