Ash - "Kung fu"

"We wanted to write a really crap Ramones song and it was meant to be the b-side but it turned out too good" (Tim Wheeler, vocals and guitars).

Kung Fu was written in 5 minutes on boxing day 1994 in Belfast and recorded in 2 minutes and 15 seconds the next day in Wales. Ash were indeed on their way to record another track when Wheeler wrote it : they were at the airport waiting to fly out to record with Owen Morris (then famous for having produced Oasis's "Morning Glory" album).

Strangely enough, "Kung fu" was recorded using the Verve’s equipment (probably because Owen Morris was also their producer).

The sleeve for the "Kung fu" single pictures footballer Eric Cantona’s infamous kick on a spectator that occurred in January 1995. In an away match against Crystal Palace F.C., Cantona (then playing for Manchester United) launched a kung-fu style kick against a spectator after being sent off by the referee.
The sleeve gave Ash good publicity. The kick gave Cantona 120 hours of community service after an appeal court overturned a 2 week prison sentence for assault.

Available on the album "1977"