Yngwie Malmsteen - "Vengeance"

It’s a song that appeared on an album that guitar shredder Yngwie Malmsteen released in 1995. Malmsteen : "I had that riff for a while. I remember I put some funky parts in the middle of the song. I thought that was cool. I also thought the pedal-tone licks were so cool. I remember coming up with the riff while relaxing in a lounge room and playing guitar. I don't remember it well as a whole song".
As for the vocal melody in this song and more generally, Malmsteen often comes up with them "while driving my car, because I'm usually listening to pre-production CDs in the car".

Interestingly, Malmsteen has a peculiar general musical process : "Once I record a song, I don't listen to it again. I move on to the next album. My relationship with the music is different from the people who buy the albums. I'm always moving on".

Available on the album "Magnum Opus"