Céline Dion - "My heart will go on"

"My heart will go on" is of course very well-known for being the theme song to the highly popular 1997 movie "Titanic".
The song was written by Will Jennings (American songwriter that wrote many other successful songs, including the lyrics to "Tears in heaven" by Eric Clapton) and James Horner (American composer of film scores). Although James Cameron, the director of "Titanic", did not want a song played over the end credits of the film, Jennings and Horner went ahead and recorded the song with Céline Dion regardless. It is said that Cameron was so taken with Dion's voice that he changed his mind about the song and indeed, the song does play over the end credits.
Dion has admitted that when she first heard the song, she didn't want to record it. It was her husband (René Angélil), who convinced her to record it.
It should be pointed out that the recording heard on radio and Dion's albums is the demo for the song. Horner, Dion and Sony Music decided to keep the demo as the official recording because Dion's voice was perfect.
Being a huge hit song, "My heart will go on" appears on numerous Céline Dion albums...
Available on the following albums : "Let's Talk About Love", "All The Way... A Decade of Song", live version on "A New Day... Live in Las Vegas". It can also be found, of course, on the "Titanic soundtrack"