Garbage - "Why do you love me"

"Why do you love me" is Garbage's comeback song, the first single off their last album entitled "Bleed Like Me".

This song is an example of how Garbage songs, according to their own words, don't come together until they're almost finished. Shirley Manson (vocals & guitars) : "We were mastering the song and we ended up editing the heavy guitar riff onto the front of the song, it wasn't there initially. Once we did that, all of a sudden, the record company said 'It sounds fantastic, this is definitely the first single'. We’d always loved that song but nobody had really noticed it. Once they said this was the first single, we were psyched, because it's a very strange single to go out with. It's got that strange middle break, where everything disappears and the whole personality of the song changes. I'm happy they supported that. Record companies usually go for the conservative, obvious 'hit', which of course, as we all know, is the kiss of death".

Before the start of their (since then partly cancelled) world tour, Steve Marker (guitars & bass & samples & loops) couldn't wait to play it live and couldn't wait to see Butch Vig (drums & loops & noise & efx) play the whole song at that speed ! Vig was indeed "dreading playing it live because it's 160 BPM and has all this syncopation and I'm not [wasn't] in shape to do that. I will once we've started rehearsals".

Available on the album "Bleed Like Me"