Meredith Brooks - "Bitch"

In many interviews, Meredith Brooks has stated that "Bitch" almost never made it on the album, but a friend loaned her the money to help record the song.
In this song, Brooks tries to perform semantic realignment to change the world's perception of the word "bitch", by celebrating the strong qualities traditionally denigrated by the use of the term. The song starts from a depressing place ("I hate the world today") and carries the listener to a very happy state ("I wouldn't want it any other way").
The song has a drum machine rhythm with a guitar accompaniment. It uses guitar riffs to emphasize the word "bitch" throughout the chorus of the song.
Initially, some radio stations preferred not to mention the name of the song and would instead refer to it as "a song by Meredith Brooks". However, with the climbing popularity of the song, its name became more commonplace to announce on the air. When the song first hit the airwaves, most call-in listeners believed the song was by Alanis Morissette due to the recent success of Morissette in rock music at the time.
Several music retailers were also upset with Brooks for using the "b-word" in the song. They insisted that the "b-word" be removed from the single's packaging... Brooks responded by saying that according to the dictionary, the "b-word" is not a bad word. Bitch is actually a noun meaning "female dog".
Despite numerous attempts, Brooks hasn't managed to repeat the same popularity and commercial success as "Bitch". For this, she is commonly seen as a one-hit wonder.
During the shootout for the video, the producer's bitch (in this case = female dog !) got sick for a week after eating catered leftovers on the set.
Available on the album "Blurring The Edges"