System Of A Down - "Chop suey"

Chop Suey is a Chinese stew (hence the name) made with meat or fish, plus bamboo sprouts, onions, rice and water chestnuts. The title of the song does not appear anywhere in the lyrics. And the reason is because the original name of the song is "Suicide” (there’s a bit of a play on words - "Suey-cide"). System Of A Down had to change the name to make it radio friendly. In the beginning of the song, you hear Serj Tankian (vocals) say "We're rolling suicide".

The song is based on a poem by Father Armeni about the Armenian Genocide (all of the band members are Armenian or of Armenian heritage), especially in honor of those who were valiant enough to risk their lives in order to bring peace to the world and freedom to their people.

The video was shot in the parking lot of a cheap hotel near where the band grew up in Los Angeles. Before the shoot, System posted a note on their website inviting fans to come down and participate. Since they were not well known, they thought they would get about 500, but instead 1500 fans showed up.

Avril Lavigne did a cover of this that didn't go over well with System Of A Down fans. It was described as being "Choplicated".
Available on the album "Toxicity"