Oasis - "Lyla"

According to Noel Gallagher, "Lyla" is Oasis' "poppiest thing since "Roll With It". Annoyingly catchy and sounds a bit like The Who". It may be poppy, but Noel has also admitted to not being particularly fond of the song, saying that it isn’t "even the fifth best track on the album". Then why release it as a single ?
Well, the song had existed as a demo since the early recording sessions for the album but was all but forgotten until practically the last minute. The British band had indeed spent over a year working on their troubled sixth studio disc, during which time they scrapped recorded tracks and fired producers (they wrote 66 tracks). The Mancunian rockers suffered a similar trauma when they sat down to choose their first single. Noel : "It was almost an afterthought. We were sat around going, 'It's a good album but we don't have a first single.' There was nothing obvious". Noel remembered the song while on holiday and rather than lose it decided, with the rest of the band, to bring it out as a single.
The song leaked on the internet during late March 2005, weeks before its May release date, after an unauthorised early airing on Polish radio station Radiowej Trójce.
Noel has revealed that the Lyla in the song is actually the sister of the Sally mentioned in the Oasis song "Don't Look Back in Anger".
When performing on the UK music chart show Top of the Pops, Liam Gallagher, who was forced to mime to the music, made no secret of that fact, walking away from the microphone with his mouth closed mid-way through lines that he was supposedly singing.
Available on the album "Don't Believe The Truth"