Blink 182 - "I miss you"

This is a rare acoustic song by Blink 182. And it sounds a lot like The Cure's "Love cats". Tom Delonge (guitars and vocals) explains : "I'm a really big Cure fan, and one day I was listening to their song called 'Love Cats', and I loved the idea of using a stand up double bass [it's a viola and not a member of the guitar family] and jazz brushes. So what we ended up doing was writing a song with all acoustic."
Travis Barker (drums) indeed used jazz brushes to create the scratching sound throughout the song. But bungalo sticks, and regular drum sticks wera also used. And there was also an orchestra for the background effect and there was a three man choir for the choirs.
What's ironic is that the album on which appears "I miss you" includes guest vocals by The Cure's singer Robert Smith... but on the track "All of this".
Available on the untitled album