The Subways - "Young for eternity"

On songwriting, Billy Lunn, the young (19 years old) singer from up and coming band The Subways : "It usually differs as to how the songs come about. I mean, they come to me rather than me picking up a guitar and just stringing out ideas. I wrote a song at work on the back of a delivery receipt and it's now the title track for our album , so it's just generally life being put into music through me and the guitar". That song is the title track for their first album, "Young For Eternity".

More details on how he wrote the lyrics to the song : "I was working in a hotel at the time and I had to write out receipts, because I used to collect all of the dirty sheets from the hotel rooms, and pack them away - and the lyrics just came. I turned over a receipt that I was meant to be handing in, and wrote the lyrics and stuffed it in my pocket, and I got the sack because of it".

Available on the album "Young For Eternity"