Ween - "Exactly where I'm at"

Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman and Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo seem to master any genre of music (hard rock, country & western, psychedelic pop) as proven by the many albums they have put out over the last 15 years. But they are also known for their sense of humor which has brought them to deliberately write an incomplete song, and place it at the start of an album more or less because it can't go anywhere else...

Gene Ween [about the song "Exactly where I'm at"] : "That song is kind of incomplete. You’ll notice it just has the two verses, and the drum kit comes in, and that’s it. With that song, we thought it would sound really cool if it just really kicked in. We were going for like an E.L.O. thing, with a sweeping effect. We just built it up. I wrote the song on acoustic guitar and there’s nothing going on in it [!]. We decided to do everything that was done to that song in the studio. We put a Leslie effect on my voice for the first line, [in] the second line it gets a little clearer, and the third line is crystal clear, and everything has kicked in. We just had fun wasting out at the end with like Robert Fripp stuff".

Dean Ween : "We chose it as the opener just because of the opening line pretty much. There was no other place on the album for it to go. It starts with the line "let’s begin with the past in front / and all the things that you really don’t care about now". It just seemed obvious that it was the best place to put it. It’s real anthemic. Gene came to the studio and didn’t really have anything for it. It’s not much of a "song" song, we broke it down into sections and went for a really psychedelic thing with it".

Available on the album "White Pepper"